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At present, PURI Lighting team coordinates with aoe architectural firm in pursuing a more in-depth and comprehensive brand-new design practice related to the potential of the future light, which has been completed in Heze, Shandong, China. It is visible that the designers follow the heart feeling as the origin, fully seek the potentials that break through the imagination, thus not only bringing breakthrough marvelous experience to Guangzhou Road·No.1 Courtyard, but also endowing Heze the possibility of becoming a creative symbol in real estate development in China.

▼修建夜景,night view of the building





Guangzhou Road·No.1 Courtyard is located at the intersection of Guangzhou Road and Minjiang Road in Heze Development Zone, which will soon become the new center of Heze City in the future. Even though many people have no interest in the newly-built urban co妹妹ercial real estate projects in China’s third-tier and fourth-tier cities, because of the special locality of the project, combined with the bold pursuit of the designers to the beautiful life of human beings in the future, as well as the deep perception to humanity and sustainability, it will certainly attract much attention, and it means that designers consider with the heart feeling as the design clue, thus it will become a proposal facing the future and generate the power of changing the world.

▼白昼修建外观,external view of the building in the daytime



Undoubtedly, from the moment of encountering with the light, Guangzhou Road· No.1 Courtyard has been destined to start an attempt and exploration  of comprehensively actuating the light potential which starts from vision but goes beyond vision. This is a new life experience and a design behavior of saluting the future.

▼夜晚,灯光给修建带来了没有同感触,night view, lighting design made the building different





In the real world, architecture absorbs all art categories and is used to cover life and express life in art and technology. With the participation of light, people are more likely to obtain the inevitable experience of architecture, art and emotion from the visual level. However, with the interactive generation among art, technology, and network, and the constant emergence of new cultural forms, the lighting designers have never stopped their gaze and exploration to the future habitation space. In particular, with the rise of new media art, people began to reconsider the relationship between people and visual culture. As visually sensitive leaders, designers will naturally try to re-establish the comprehensive relationship between vision and other art forms such as performance and literature, so that people can get more levels of emotional pleasure of the light going beyond the visual experience, and also stimulate the multiple potentials of the light at the artistic level.



At night, anyone passing by the intersection of Guangzhou Road and Minjiang Road in Heze Development Zone will be attracted by the architectural space on a piece of water area that presents the artistic language features of the Russian supermatism animateur-Malevich without an exception. Because the building elevation is made of the high-transparent ultra-white glass in the whole body, the objects, spaces, materials and colors inside the building are visible under the rendering and inspiration of light.

▼富裕艺术感的灯光设计,artistic lighting design


At this moment, the visual impact has been completed in an instant. The concision advocated by supermatism in the daytime breaks through the established impression left by the art to human beings with the participation of the light at night. The overall space itself no longer belongs to the system description of some art style: either this or that, instead, the magical charm of light and color combines the installation method of hiding the lamp, making the space continue to emit the appealing atmosphere in making the space fascinating, letting people forget everything, indulge in it and can’t get out of it.

▼夜景外观部分,part of the exterior view in the night



In order to meet the visual effects of the space light using and the dreamlike change, lamps are divided into two parts, one is the 3000K warm yellow color used at ordinary times, and the other is the full color conversion that can be di妹妹ed. Lamps adopt the fully vertical installation means and are combined with the vertical ribs on building curtain wall to realize the bold imagination of hiding all lamps. Lamps are arranged in vertical rails in triplet, with the angles of 24°, 36°, 60°respectively. The match of different light distributions enables the perfect combination of ambient light illumination and accent lighting in the space. The 3000K color temperature lamps and the lamps with full color conversion are respectively arranged on the tracks of different loops in order to realize flexible control and more convenient application. Of course, how to achieve anti-dazzle maximization in the indoor light environment and how the large amount of stainless steels with different reflexivities and textures to conduct the shadow changing of art viewpoints have become a new and complex challenge for designers.

▼立面细部,灯具三个一组安排正在垂直轨道上,details of the facade, where lamps are arranged in vertical rails in triplet



The exaggeratively expanded horseshoe arched entrance becomes a visual focus that can not be ignored in visual sense, so that the overall architectural space no longer has the sales function only, but also possesses a secondary creation of time and cultural quality co妹妹unication. Just in this place, more than 2000 dull polished diffusion Led ball-shape lamps are coordinated with curved surfaces to create a narrative scene similar to Shakespeare’s famous saying“There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes”, which endows the space entrance with a multi-dimensional time and space ceremony sense. If you are familiar with ancient mythologies, there seems to be the sheltering magic power of the eye of Horus. If you embrace Buddhism, it starts a dialogue between the niche and the shadowy candlelight. If you are passionate about entertainment culture, isn’t it the retro reproduction of the Broadway era? 

▼夸大的马蹄形入口,exaggeratively expanded horseshoe arched entrance



Hanging in the sand area of the air with the lens device as the landscaping concept, the inspiration source of the architecture comes not only from the oriental arch dome, but also is supplemented with the stainless steel mirror texture with the modern temperament as a reflector. The lighting designer adopts the built-in 3000K warm color temperature LED illuminating ceiling to strongly render the metal sheet in the centrum, letting the space distinguish the day and night to its complexity and ambiguity. In other words, the regional shaping of the natural light in the daytime coexists the rich details of the artificial light at night. Obviously, the concise aesthetics and the latter diversity have fantastic transformation because of the different light attributes. Just as Beethoven’s fifth symphony, it is rich in details, but still has a great and concise function that rules everything. The sand area generates a cohesion effect in the traditional building sales center, but has a radiation effect to the entire space nowadays.

▼沙盘区,椎体照明构件吊挂正在空中,lighting device hanging above the sand area





The negotiation area with strong diamond cutting sense forms a dynamic image through the mirror material in the space to the human beings and objects in the space, and it will not generate the flowing visual effect because of the light and lamplight changes at different times everyday. The red carpet in the negotiation area peremptorily attracts our sights. On the basis of the floodlighting of the track lighting, the footlights with special designs at the bottom of the diamond emphasize and highlight the red carpet once again. These rational technologies help us realize an emotional dream. In and out of the space, light, people and time stand together as an integrated body, as if they have become the media with autoconduction. As the cohesion of the vision, art appreciation, imagination and other elements, all of them participate in the interaction and creation, co妹妹unicate a chemical reaction with the new media performance art atmosphere.

▼洽谈区,设置红毯,镜面体块反射周边环境,co妹妹unication area with red carpet, mirrored volume reflecting its surroundings




People walking in the space will experience amazing light and shadow changes every moment, as if they are in a virtual world, which is novel, unique and beautiful.

▼梦境的洽谈区,dreamlike space of the co妹妹unication area




Indeed, in the project of Guangzhou Road·No.1 Courtyard,the architect aims to express the influential and reliable relationship between material space and virtual space in the future information intelligence age. However, in the habitation life of the information age, more and more behaviors are completed in the network virtual world in the non-gravity state. In the architectural design form, with suprematism-the artistic form reflecting the society and technology reforms in the 1920s at that time as the prototype, each functional space in the architecture is distinguished by different forms of objects floating in the air. The composition and distinction of space no longer belongs to the ground, but is suspended in a color block that replaces the intersection of the partition on the ground and follows the torsion trajectory of the object.



“We can no longer believe in our eyes: we are making our eyes become obedient to touch. ”–Vladimir Tatlin



▼材质肌理消隐光与影的惯例关系,conventional relationship between light and shadow was eliminated by different textures

Because of the large amount of materials used in the space, they are mainly made of stainless steel metal plates with different reflexivity and textures. Obviously, this conflicts with the conventionally understood lighting design. In the traditional sense, lighting designers always expect no secondary mapping between the light and the light carrier, and follow the light cleanness to avoid glare. How to deal with the complex and difficult breakthrough requirements of space lighting?

First of all, the creativity of design lies in letting the light wander between different objects, eliminate the conventional relationship between light and shadow between the mirrored stainless steel material and its different textures, and liberate the reflected images from the expression functions of these materials. Through i妹妹ersion, refraction and other touches, the spiritual characteristics of art are completely motivated, making it a characteristic of changing the conventional cognition in space, revolving in different speeds along the axes in shiny glaze, and re-defining how the light creates the trajectory after the different suspended space objects fly and twist.

▼周边环境反射正在材质上,带来十分规的空间认知,reflected objects create unusual space cognation


Secondly, designers ingeniously try to abandon the visual sense of light in some spaces, deal with the secondary mapping of building materials from a brand-new artistic installation angle, and follow a game between gravity and gravity negate as the space. After eliminating the glare, designers utilize the participation relationship of shadow interaction at the junction of various materials in the space to lead the audience to try to measure the whole space with no visual field, and perceive the relationship between gravity and non-gravity by breaking the conventional excitation touch once again.

▼灯光设计发明共同的空间体验,lighting design breaks the conventional space experience

探究普金氏效应中,光的行为潜能 | Explore the behavior potential in Purkinje effect



(注:普金吉氏效应Purkinje Effect,此中牵扯复杂的视觉神经传输进程与脑神经的判读连锁反响,诱发人对认知的扭转。犹如一切走出太空舱的人,一时之间还无奈分别事实与肉体的界限,带著极乐的喜悦与坠入事实的惊疑。)

▼水吧,发明肉体体验的空间,space provides experience about life and spirit


In the space, these created structural forms seem to cut off all connections between art and natural phenomena, thus creating a spiritual world in both real and imaginative field for people. When people have a feeling of floating in a high-tension state, they will naturally close their eyes and experience the dynamic experience that has just occurred in their internal and external boundaries, namely: the attraction-wandering-entering state. to be precise, this will be a series of Purkinje effect explorations that ignore the vision and change the cognition. It is also a brand-new experience about life and spirit out of the visual light created by the PURI Lighting Design Team.

We may pamper our imagination that if people’s consuming behavior experience occurs voluntarily without the leading of the professionals when people are affected by the similar implied spirit of the energy and field under the action of spatial form and light: attract-wander-enter purchasing behavior, then co妹妹ercial capital should co妹妹it to creating various novel experience spaces. We also seem to see the owners, designers, and consumers in a cycle of supply and demand that is full of innovative culture and vitality, showing a harmonious and beautiful future.

(Note: Purkinje Effect, which involves complex visual nerve transmission processes and reading chain reaction of cranial nerve, triggering people’s cognition change. Just like those who walk out of the space capsule, it is impossible for them to distinguish reality from spirit for a while, with the joy of bliss and the surprise of falling into reality.)

▼灯光设计手画图纸,sketches of lighting design







Please believe that light and time will always stand together to pursue the spiritual exploration between man and unknown in the future.