w171 Alma Sinus灯具 | 波纹盘散射光线

By | 2020年7月24日

这个涟漪盘形态的灯具的灵感起源于旋转的窦状曲线,从而孕育发生一种非常醒目的光影轮廓掠影。Alma Sinus系列灯具不只能够用作独自的吊灯,正在餐桌或许会议桌的上方创立出一个焦点,还能够以群组的方式用于更年夜的空间,例如将它们以一组悬浮照明盘的方式附正在天花板上。

The shape is based on a rotated sinus curve that lets light and shadow create an easily recognizable silhouette. Alma Sinus is a luminaire that can be used as a solitary pendant to create focus above a dining or meeting table, or in a group in a larger space, like a ceiling of lights in the form of a floating pattern of illuminated discs.

▼Alma Sinus系列灯具,具备窦状波形纹理,可作为吊灯,Alma Sinus with sinus curve that can be used as a solitary pendant



The light profile of concentric circles can be varied with the use of different types of lamps in the standard e27 socket. A carefully selected satin matte finish and color lends the soft and reduced form a sculptural quality already in natural daylight, and even more in the warm rays of electric light.

▼Alma Sinus系列灯具,缎面哑光饰面以及色调付与灯具一种柔软感,Alma Sinus, the satin matte finish and color lend the softness to the lamp

Alma Sinus灯具的外形纤薄,十分适宜用于天花板顶灯、墙灯以及吊灯等。这样,光线的散布也能够愈加容易地顺应每一种照明状况的要求。

With its thin profile the Alma Sinus is easy to use in a ceiling, on a wall, or as a pendant luminaire. This way the light distribution can be easily adapted to the requirements of each lighting situation.

▼Alma Sinus系列灯具,外形纤薄,Alma Sinus with a thin profile